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About Induction Iron

Induction Iron Incorporated was founded in 1975 and is located in Tampa, Florida with manufacturing facilities in Warren, Ohio and Evansville, Indiana. Induction Iron specializes in producing extra low carbon (typical <.006% C), high purity steel melt stock (grade 1001) that meets exacting industry requirements with respect to cleanliness, sizing and chemical analysis. In addition to the extra low carbon melt stock, Induction Iron also produces Grade 1006, Grade 1010, Grade 1008DP, Grade 409mod and Stainless Grades 304L and 316L melt stock. Our melt stock is available in a variety of forms including sheared light and heavy plates, punchings, extra high purity billets and ingots. All of our melt stock is supplied with guaranteed analysis and/or heat certification. Induction Iron works to the highest quality standards and has been ISO certified since 2002.

Induction Iron also supplies high purity iron for soft magnetic applications which meets ASTM A848 specifications. This material is available in various forms including slabs, billets, rounds and ultra thin coils down to .003” thickness. In addition, Induction Iron, in conjunction with our various partners and metallurgical staff can often develop specialty solutions for providing extra low carbon steel in hard to find shapes, quantities and/or sizes.

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